10 Different Personalities Your Dachshund Can Have

You should always choose a dog based on what he’s like, not what he looks like, and the Dachsie’s unique physical appeal easily becomes the focal point. Luckily, he is as much fun to live with as he is to look at. But because he was an eager hunter, he can be a bit stubborn and sometimes wonders why you’re not onboard with his plans. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood with a Dachsie around—his upbeat, curious, and friendly nature is contagious.


You may have heard, and it’s 100% true. A mule has got nothing on them. No doubt about it, these dogs are notoriously stubborn. In fact, Eeyore might be a decent name for a wiener dog – and all dachshund owners would be in on the joke.

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If a dachshund doesn’t feel like doing something, they will resist. First, the stare: “You don’t mean me, do you?” Then a series of expressive looks before finally conceding. At their own pace of course. However, you must be warned about this phenomenon – once under the spell of the Dachshund Charm, you will even find their stubbornness adorable. Well. Most of the time, anyways.

One other special warning about dachshund stubbornness. It is near impossible to get a wiener dog to go outside to do their ‘business’ when it’s raining, or when the grass is wet – but it can be done. Be persistent. As mentioned previously, you will find the stubbornness cute in a few minutes, after the ‘business’ is done.


The Dachshund, meaning “badger dog” in German, is a lively breed with a friendly personality and keen sense of smell.

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Dachshunds are brave and courageous – these dogs were bred to hunt the ferocious badger, after all. Their extreme loyalty and affection mixes with their fearless courage and makes them extremely protective of their loved ones. If they think you are in danger, they will defend you without hesitation – even to the extent of their own detriment.

Dachshunds either don’t know their small stature, or more likely, they know, but just don’t care. So if you take a stroll into the woods with your doxie and find yourself face-to-face with a full-grown grizzly bear, your little wiener dog will protect you. I would love more than anything to say that dachshunds have special powers and would shred a full-grown grizzly bear to pieces, to protect their loved ones, and emerge unscathed, without a scratch – but the fact is, no matter how courageous they are, they are not much larger than a house cat. In the case of miniatures, maybe even smaller. And believe it or not, this exact scenario has happened. And yes, the people got away. And no, the little hero did not fare so well.


Some dachshunds are more playful than others, but generally, dachshunds have bouts of play time, surrounded by bouts of sleep. What they like to play with will depend upon your individual dachshund. Many love to play ball while others are not the least bit interested. Some will develop and obsession with playing ball. Some love to play tug-o-war with stuffed toys. Others will just gently nibble at them, occasionally giving it a good shake. Some will take great care of their stuffed toys, and may even have a favorite – while others will rip them apart and remove the stuffing and squeaker in a matter of seconds. However, all dachshunds have a silly side.

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Dachshunds are sweet. Yes, we already mentioned affectionate above, but this goes beyond that. For example, they are uncannily aware of your moods and emotional state. If you are feeling blue, your little guy or gal will know and take extra care to make sure you receive an extra-large dose of cuddle. And they love to cuddle. Did we mention that? Feeling under-the-weather will get you a constant companion. More so than normal, that is. If someone is crying, it is not uncommon for them to literally lick the tears from their face. Have a cut or wound? Your dachshund will find it, because of that magnificently sensitive nose of theirs, and will begin to administer a series of licks to the wound, in an attempt to heal it and lessen your pain. Like unicorn tears, weenie dog licks are healing. It’s proven.

We are going to rest our case there – weenie dogs are sweet. And they love to cuddle.


Dachshunds are clever and smart. If motivated (see what motivates them below), they will find a way around, a way in, a way on top, or a way under. In a way, this is a reflection of their stubbornness. They are stubborn in their persistence.

So, what motivates a dachshund? Usually one of the following:
Their Peeps (Trying to get to their humans)
Ball or Toy
Chewy Bone
A Cozy Spot to Sleep

Really, that’s about it. If you know of something else that might motivate a dachshund, please, let us know.


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8-The Lazy Boy

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9-The Gardener

Dig! Dig! Dig!
They have a natural tendency to dig and with awe you can watch them dig large craters in your yard.

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10-The Magician

The houdinis of the dog world.
They have the ability to squeeze through the smallest of holes, break or chew their way out of a tie-out orrun through an electric fences. Some will actually devise a plan for their escape route that you may have never even thought of.

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11-The Hairball

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