10 Signs Your Yorkie Misses You When You’re Gone

Are you searching for the signs that indicate your dog misses you when you are gone? You are in the right place.
Dogs are social animals that form strong bonds with their human families. Therefore, they experience stress and anxiety, especially when you are away.
Understanding these signs will help you take steps to make your dog more comfortable. This includes providing interactive toys, leaving an item of clothing with your scent, or setting up a comfortable space for them to relax.
Early identification and intervention will prevent the escalation of symptoms. In addition, it will make treatment more manageable.
Let us look at some of the signs you should look out for.
10 Signs Your Dog Misses You When You’re Gone
Here are some of the signs your dog misses you:

1) Whining or Howling as You Leave

One of the most apparent signs that your dog misses you is if they start to whine or howl as you’re heading out the door. This vocalization is a clear indicator of distress and anxiety in your absence. This is similar to a toddler crying when a parent leaves.

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