10 Things That Your Yorkies Do When They Are Trying To Tell You Something

When your dog brings things to you.

When your dog brings things to you, it does not mean that he wants to play fetch or something like that. Even if he brings you a ball. When dogs bringing things to their owners means that they are just trying to help or give you things you might like or things they think you could use or be looking for.

Chewing things

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This one depends if the dog has been trained and if he’s shown signs of separation anxiety. If the dog has been trained not to chew things or furniture, it could mean that the dog is just bored and is trying to let that extra energy go. You can try giving the dog more exercise or going for a walk or run in the morning.


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The first time you see a dog yawning you might think that he wants to sleep or is tired. However, dogs don’t just yawn when they’re tired. Yawning can also be a signal of stress or fear. An experiment has shown that if your dog is yawning a lot around someone unfamiliar or has not met before, that’s a sign that your dog is not quite ready to meet that person.

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