10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Dachshunds

3) The Dachshund Has Over 10 Different Names

The official, breed specific, names for these long and narrow dogs are Dachshund (Us and Germany), Teckel (Germany) and Dackel (Germany).

Here in the US, there are over 15 different names people call Dachshunds derived from shortening the name, misspellings of the name, and “cute” name references.

These include wIEner dog, wEIner dog, sausage dog, weenie, Doxie, weens, and many more Dachshund nicknames.

4) Dachshunds Are Athletes, Not Lapdogs

People often assume that small dogs don’t need much exercise. Or, in fact, they aren’t capable of much exercise.

When it comes to Dachshunds, that would be an incorrect assumption.

A dog’s athleticism is a product of both nature and nurture.

As I said above, Dachshund are hunting dogs. They were bred to have energy and stamina. They are capable of more exercise than people think they are.

However, if you life a sedentary life and don’t take them out much, they probably won’t be fit and may get used to lazing around.

If you are active though, and slowly increase activity to build their fitness (just like people should), they will probably shock you with what they can do (like how far a Dachshund can hike).

Both of the Dachshunds I’ve owned were great hikers and could go at least 10 miles on steep, rough terrain before even staring to get tired.

Many people compete in agility with their Dachshunds, and although certainly not typical of Dachshunds, TruMan the Doxie ran a whole marathon (over 26 miles!) with his ultrarunner Mom.

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