19 Signs Your Dachshunds Want to Express Their Feelings To You

Scientists have shown that many times these dachshunds have asked their owners to open doors, express their will to be fed or hope their owners will give them some toys.

When a doxie dog upturns his head and show us his rounded watering eyes, he wants the owner to understand what he is looking for – usually is food!

19 Signs Your Dachshunds Want to Express Their Feelings To You 2
Photo by Madi Harris‎

There are some requests, for example, the demand for food is expressed by many different gestures – because sausage dogs are always interested in eating but there are other special gestures.

If the dog keeps lying on the floor, he may want you to scratch his belly.

If the dog licks on his owner’s face it often means that he wants to scratch his belly.

19 Signs Your Dachshunds Want to Express Their Feelings To You 3
Photo by Maggie Nelson

When the dachshund stands on the hind legs, it usually means he wants to join the game with the owner.

When the dachshund rolls over and over, it is not a surprise if he wants his owner to scratch his belly.

When the four-legged friend raises his front legs, it means that he wants the owners to give him something (which they are holding) or wants them to get him a toy.

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Animal Cognition published these findings, scientists think that when dachshunds pull the toys out in front of everyone to show that he is hungry.

Owners of sausage dogs believe that when dogs keep their feet on the floor means they want their owners to scratch their fur. Furthermore, when they bite toys or slightly bite into the owner’s hands shows that they want the owners to play with them.

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