4 Reasons To NEVER Yell At Your Yorkie

Dogs have great hearing, they can read body language, and are very intuitive.  They are experts at reading physical cues.  If you’ve ever picked up a leash, your keys, or looked towards the back door and had your dog respond, you’ve seen this skill in action.

Most dog owners will tell you that their pet knows when they’re happy, sad, scared, or angry.  Has your dog ever tried to climb into your lap to offer you comfort, when you haven’t uttered a word?  Or, have they left the room or hid when you’ve become angry?  How about come running when you whispered something in an excited voice?  For most of us, the answer is yes.

For these reasons, a loud voice is not needed to communicate with canines.  In fact, yelling can be detrimental to your relationship with your dog.  Not only does it instill negative energy into a situation, it also breeds chaos and fear.

Here are four reasons you should never yell at your dog:

1. Yelling at your yorkie will never replace training your dog

Dogs learn from training, repetition, and reinforcement.  They have a strong desire to please, like to learn, and are reward oriented.  Since dogs don’t speak human, when you yell, the dog will interpret your body language, tone, and volume and react accordingly.  Often in fear, recoiling, or trying to escape the situation.

Even in the most trying of moments, yelling does not teach the dog anything, except that you’re angry.  In fact, when dogs associate an action with something negative, experiments show they are slower to respond.  By calmly correcting and training your dog, you can help the dog focus on you, and what you’re trying to communicate, rather than cause it to avoid a situation.

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