4 Reasons To NEVER Yell At Your Yorkie

Meanwhile calmly talking to and training your pet will help reinforce the bond you share and deescalate the situation, as well as your own frustration.

4. Yelling at your dog is not healthy for either of you

Having a pet can bring immeasurable joy to your life.  A beloved dog can bring you love, companionship and, studies show, improve your health in many ways.  However, yelling leads to anger, which is bad for your health.  Anger causes inflammation, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.  It also causes stress, which can contribute to a host of physical and mental ailments. 

According to Psychiatry professor Edward Suarez of Duke University, “the role of inflammation in heart disease has emerged, scientists have found that high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) are a better predictor than high cholesterol for cardiovascular disease. High CRP levels are also associated with depression. In addition, studies have shown that angry (formerly known as “type A”) or depressive personalities run a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.”

Dogs also experience stress when you yell.  Stress can contribute to nervous behaviors, fear, mistrust, isolation, aggression, depression, and loss of appetite.  A dog can hear even the slightest whisper and they want to please you, there really is no reason to yell.

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