6 Ways Your Yorkie Shows You They Need You

I have spent a long time living with Yorkies.

One thing I know for certain is that Yorkies are particularly expressive of their emotions.

Some say Yorkies’ true intelligence can be measured by their ability to show and receive emotions.

Below we discuss some simple ways your Yorkie may show you that they need you!

1 You have two shadows!

Photo: Miran Walter

What is that little ball of fur following you around everywhere you go?

That’s right! Your Yorkie will only follow you around if they love you.

They want to know that you are safe.

Also if there are any treats in the toilet or the shower they absolutely have to know about it.

2 Your bed is no long YOUR bed!

Photo: Kimberly Graffeo

It is commonly known that most if not all dogs love to sleep on their parents beds.

Why? Well correct me if I’m wrong but usually the bed in a house is supposed to be the most comfortable place.

Dogs have good taste, and Yorkies are the pinnacle of good taste!

If your Yorkie is willing to share the bed with you then rest assured knowing that your Yorkie needs you in their life.

3 They stare into your eyes!

Photo: Desray Moss

Ever stared into a dogs eyes? It’s like looking at the physical embodiment of innocence.

Yorkie eyes are the same. Except when you and your Yorkies lock eyes it is indescribable.

Yorkies are not only innocent (yet mischievous) they are also uniquely adorable.

The feeling I get when my Yorkie stares into my eyes is pure love.

They could easily look away or close their eyes but they choose to communicate with you with simple eye contact.

This is a sterling example of how your Yorkie will express to you their love and their need for you in their life.

4 They lick you!

Photo: Patti Moore

Before I got my first Yorkie I never heard about the fact that Yorkies love to lick people!

First thing out of the shower and my Yorkie will lick my ankles dry.

After that my Yorkie disappears like he’s done his job!

It is the cutest thing ever.

Does your Yorkie lick you? Well join the club.

Almost all Yorkies love to lick people – don’t worry if your Yorkie doesn’t lick you though.

It really is a preference for the dogs personality but usually Yorkies are known to try and lick your skin whenever they can.

5 They check on you!

Photo: Patti Moore

Living with a Yorkie will guarantee that you’ll never have privacy again however; that is not a bad thing.

Sure I can admit that I do miss occasionally being alone to hear myself think.

But the price to pay for privacy is not having my Yorkies around…

I would never go back. Being loved relentlessly by a tiny cuddly friend is worth more than privacy could ever offer!

Another way to know your Yorkie loves you is if they check in on you.

As previously discussed, Yorkies are intelligent and aware of our emotions.

If you are going through something tough, as life does get tough, your Yorkie WILL pick up on it.

Your Yorkie will not allow you to wallow in misery and self pity.

Your Yorkie will remind you to look at the positives and to remember to give them extra treats, just in case you forgot.

6 Welcome Home Party!

Photo: Tricia Van Winkle Peacock

The amount of excitement, love and happiness that radiates from Yorkies when you arrive home is infinite.

I know some Yorkie owners bring their Yorkies with them wherever they go.

But to those who are unable to bring their Yorkies with them everywhere, the experience of arriving home to your Yorkies is amazing.

While you are gone your Yorkie is going through one thousand different scenarios about where you could be.

“Did mom go get more treats?”

“Did dad go and get me a new toy?”

“Are they bringing back another dog!!?”

We cannot blame our Yorkies for the constant unwavering worry when we’re not around.

What we can do however, is show them absolute love, joy and happiness the moment we enter our home.

There you have it.

You know your Yorkies love & need you if they do at least two of these behaviors!

source: yorkiehome.xyz

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