6 Weird Dachshund Behaviors and What They Mean: Insights from Canine Experts

Dachshunds, with their elongated bodies and charming personalities, are a breed that captures the hearts of many dog lovers. However, these small dogs are known for displaying some rather peculiar behaviors that can leave their owners scratching their heads. While these quirks may seem odd at first glance, they often have underlying reasons rooted in the Dachshund’s unique history and temperament. To shed light on these behaviors, we’ve consulted canine experts to explain what they mean.

1. Tunneling and Digging

One of the most distinctive behaviors of Dachshunds is their penchant for tunneling and digging. These little hounds were originally bred in Germany to hunt burrowing animals like badgers, and this behavior is a remnant of their hunting instincts. According to Dr. Amanda Walker, a veterinarian specializing in canine behavior, “Dachshunds dig and tunnel as a way to satisfy their natural instincts to explore and hunt. It’s essential to provide them with designated digging areas or toys to channel this energy productively.”

2. Burrowing Under Blankets

Dachshunds are notorious for burrowing under blankets and cushions, and this behavior has earned them the nickname “hot dog.” Dr. Karen Davis, a certified dog behaviorist, explains, “Burrowing is an inherited trait from their hunting ancestry. Dachshunds burrow to seek warmth and comfort, much like they would burrow into the ground to find prey. It’s a sign that they feel safe and cozy.”

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