7 Adorable Signs That Show Your Yorkie Sees You As His Pack Leader

There are some families that get their puppies and live with them as another family member. Others that just decide not to have a baby but a dog. If you live with a baby and a pup you will see that the baby and the pup are growing faster and getting strong every day.

It has been thousands of years of domestication has brought us to this point, where dogs decide to do incredible things like save their masters from danger, from being ran over and some other heroic actions.

In spite of your dog isn’t a hero, probably he or she does things to show you how much she loves and respects you as the pack leader every day.

In this article we will show you how your dog might be showing you respect as the alpha dog in your family pack.

How Does Pack Order Work?

It is probably that you have heard about dogs history. We all know that dogs descended from wolves and that wolves live in packs. In wild life being in a pack is very important. Moreover, pack order is still important for domestic dogs who retain many wolf qualities.

It is said by Cesar’s Way that the pack is led by an alpha male and female, followed then by betas and omegas.

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