7 Reasons Why Dachshunds Make an Excellent Family Dog

Their elongated bodies and short legs are the perfect build to maneuver narrow subterranean tunnels, their large paws paddle-shaped for precision as they dig, long noses equipping the breed with a keen sense of smell.

Small they might be, but this breed is designed to be muscular, barrel-chested and with impressive lung capacity, such that they can alert hunters and owners of their locations with their deep, booming barks and hold their own in a fight.

Their physique lends to the personality of dachshunds too – they are fearless, willing and determined to take on opponents much larger than themselves, and fiercely protective if they perceive a danger to themselves, their humans or their domain.

It’s precisely this fact that makes dachshunds wonderful protectors – not only are they willing to jump into the fray at the slightest whisper of danger, but their alertness and penchant for barking the moment their hackles are raised make them the most effective security alarms.

They might be small, but they can out-bark bigger breeds any day of the week.

It’s important to note, though, that dachshunds’ fondness for barking might not sit well with everyone.

If you live in an apartment complex or condo, it’s wiser to take into consideration how agreeable your neighbors will be to hyperactive barking before deciding to adopt a doxie, because boy do they love to bark.

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