7 Reasons Why Dachshunds Make an Excellent Family Dog

They’re Also Great Indoor Dogs

If your neighbors are okay with it, though, dachshunds are going to be perfectly happy living in apartments or being indoors in general.

Dachshunds are classified into two main sizes – standard, between 16 to 32 pounds, and miniature, 11 pounds and under (doxies between 11 and 16 pounds are called “tweenies”, though this isn’t an official classification).

Lazy dachshund dog in yellow t-shirt lying on couch

Dachshunds in general are not built for kennel-living or the outdoors, and may even need some convincing to go outside to relieve themselves if it’s raining – on the other hand, they tend to be perfectly happy and active indoors, with daily half-mile walks about twice a day enough for a healthy puppy lifestyle.

This is perfect for owners who might be living in more urban communities or in apartments, without the ready availability of a lot of free space to run around in.

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