7 Reasons Why Dachshunds Make an Excellent Family Dog

If tackled early on, disciplining your pup if they act hostile towards another person or another pet can make them just as friendly, and especially devoted to members of the family – once you’ve earned your dachshunds’ love, they’ll follow you everywhere, ready to cuddle at any time, making you laugh with their comical tendencies.

A Dachshund Can Be Your Child’s Best Friend, So Long As You Earn It

Pertaining to the previous point, dachshunds, like other dogs, can become perfect companions for the children of the family if introduced to them early.

a little boy hugging his dachshund puppy

Kids should be taught how to interact or engage with dachshunds, so they don’t end up doing anything which might potentially aggravate the pup, or vice versa.

Since dachshunds are very autonomous and stubborn, they might not appreciate being poked and prodded, especially when there’s food involved – teaching both your kids and your pets to engage with each other while respecting boundaries is therefore extremely necessary.

Particularly important is to teach kids how handle dachshunds, such as the proper way to pick them up – because of their elongated backs and the risk of disk problems, their backs should always be supported when they are picked up, and this should be a practice both kids and adults adhere to.

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