7 Reasons Why Dachshunds Make an Excellent Family Dog

Because there is always the danger that a child might unintentionally manhandle your doxie while trying to play (which might provoke an already-fearless pup), it is perhaps advisable to keep very young children away from your dachshund until they are better able to learn how to coexist in each others’ spaces.

As a wary breed, prone to acting snippy with strangers, dachshunds might not instantly warm up to other children, for instance your kids’ friends, straight off the bat either, so it’s better to supervise your pup when introducing them to children they are not familiar with.

This does not mean dachshunds are not child-friendly though – if anything, your child might be safer than ever under their intrepid protection.

Just the story of how Leo, a dachshund who happened to be taking a walk with his owner when he witnessed a bigger dog attacking a little girl and jumped into the fight without hesitation, even though it cost him his life, will put into perspective how courageous and loyal dachshunds can be, even for people they are not close to.

A Friend for Life

If looked after with proper love and care, a dachshund has an expected life span of 12 to 16 years – meaning they can be long-time friends and companions, growing along with your family.

Dachshunds also adore companionship, and may develop problematic behaviors such as excessive and loud barking if they get too lonely – there’s less risk of your doxie feeling isolated in a family than if you were a single parent to your pup, so keep in mind your working hours and how much time you and your family will be able to give your doxie before you make the move to bring one into your family.

In return, you can count on your dachshund being your most loyal companion, following around at your heels, photobombing every attempt at a nice picture with their adorable antics, jumping under the covers with you at bedtime and trying to “help” you with your daily tasks (although dachshunds, being very independent thinkers, might have different interpretations of what it means to “help”).

Lookin’ Good Has Never Been This Easy

Grooming and hygiene are extremely important matters to consider when taking the leap into becoming a dog parent. In this respect, dachshunds are pretty easy to take care of compared to some other breeds.

Dachshunds shed moderately, and mostly manageably – smooth-coated dachshunds don’t need to be bathed regularly, with weekly wipe-downs being sufficient to keeping them fresh and dapper, while long-haired dachshunds require a little more attention, benefiting from a weekly brushing to get rid of any tangles and prevent matting, which can trap dirt and lead to infections, and also be painful for your pup.

Wirehaired dachshunds, although shedding less than their smooth-haired and long-haired siblings, need to be “stripped” about twice a year – this involves plucking out the dead hairs from your dog’s coat, and you can ask your breeder or groomer to show you how to do it yourself.

Dog groomer brushing dachshund

Regularly tending to these needs keeps both your dog and your home cleaner and odor-free, reducing the likelihood of dander clinging to your rugs and furniture and stinking the place up and keeping your pups clean and cuddle-ready at all times.

If you’re living somewhere prone to colder weather, you might need to fit your smooth-coated dachshunds out in little doggy sweaters when the weather gets a bit nippy – but honestly, seeing how adorable they are in their mini-knits, that’s hardly something we’re complaining about.

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