7 Ways to Determine if Your Yorkie is Bonded to You

Yorkshire Terriers, often affectionately referred to as Yorkies, are known for their tiny size and enormous personalities. These pint-sized pups may be small, but they have big hearts and a deep capacity for forming strong bonds with their owners. If you’re curious about whether your Yorkie has truly bonded with you, here are seven unmistakable signs to help you determine if your furry companion is as devoted to you as you are to them.

1. They’re Your Shadow

One of the most apparent signs of a strong bond with your Yorkie is their constant presence by your side. If your Yorkie follows you from room to room, sits at your feet while you work, or simply loves to cuddle up next to you, it’s a clear indication that they’ve formed a close attachment. Yorkies thrive on human companionship, and if they prefer your company over anything else, you’ve certainly won their heart.

2. Tail-Wagging Greetings

A surefire way to gauge your Yorkie’s affection is by observing their greetings. When you come home after being away, a bonded Yorkie will greet you with uncontainable enthusiasm. Their tail will wag vigorously, and they may even jump up and down to express their excitement. This joyful welcome is a testament to the strong bond you share.

3. Cuddle Buddies

Yorkies are known for their love of cuddling, and if your furry friend frequently snuggles up with you on the couch or in bed, it’s a clear sign of their attachment. Curling up beside you is not just about warmth; it’s a way for your Yorkie to feel safe, secure, and close to the one they love.

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