7 Ways to Determine if Your Yorkie is Bonded to You

4. They Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is an essential element in human-dog communication and bonding. A Yorkie that maintains eye contact with you, especially during interactions and play, is demonstrating trust and affection. Their eyes truly are the windows to their love for you.

5. Responsive to Your Voice

Yorkies have excellent hearing, and they can distinguish your voice from others. If your Yorkie responds eagerly to your voice, whether it’s a command, a kind word, or simply calling their name, it’s a sign that they’re tuned into you and want to please you. This responsiveness is a clear indicator of a strong bond.

6. They’re Protective

Despite their small size, Yorkies have big hearts when it comes to protecting their loved ones. If your Yorkie barks or shows alertness when they sense a stranger or potential threat, it’s a sign that they view you as their family and are dedicated to keeping you safe.

7. They Know Your Routine

Yorkies are remarkably perceptive, and when they’ve bonded with you, they become attuned to your daily routines. They may anticipate your actions, such as meal times, walks, or bedtime, and get excited when these activities are about to occur. This awareness of your schedule is a testament to the deep connection you share.

In conclusion, Yorkies are renowned for their affectionate and loyal nature. When they bond with you, it creates a unique and heartwarming relationship that brings joy and companionship to both you and your furry companion. If you’ve noticed these signs in your Yorkie, rest assured that you’ve successfully formed a strong bond, and you can continue to nurture this special connection through love, care, and quality time together. Your Yorkie’s unwavering devotion will undoubtedly make your bond even stronger with each passing day.

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