9 Signs Your Yorkie Thinks He’s the Boss

Claiming Furniture: Yorkies are known for their territorial nature, and if your pup has a habit of claiming prime spots on the furniture, such as the best seat on the couch or your favorite chair, he’s subtly letting you know who’s in charge.

Demanding Attention: A bossy Yorkie will not tolerate being ignored. If your pup resorts to pawing at you, nudging your hand, or barking incessantly until he gets the attention he craves, it’s a sure sign that he believes he deserves to be the center of your world.

Walking You: During walks, does your Yorkie dictate the pace and direction? If your pup insists on leading the way and expects you to follow, it’s a classic display of his belief in his leadership skills.

Guarding Possessions: Yorkies can be possessive, and if your pup guards his toys, food bowl, or favorite spot, he’s expressing a need to control his environment—an unmistakable sign of a dog who thinks he’s the boss.

Selective Affection: While Yorkies are generally affectionate, a bossy Yorkie might show affection on his terms. If your pup decides when and where he’ll accept cuddles or kisses, he’s subtly establishing his authority.

Staunch Independence: A Yorkie who believes he’s the boss may exhibit a high level of independence. If your pup prefers solo activities and resists following your lead, he’s asserting his autonomy within the household.


Understanding the signs that your Yorkie thinks he’s the boss can help you establish a healthy balance of authority and companionship. While Yorkies are known for their strong personalities, providing consistent training and affection can help ensure a harmonious relationship between you and your furry little leader.

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