9 Sings Your Yorkie Believes He’s the Boss

He will Not Play Throw and Fetch with Radom Objects
Yorkies love to play fetch and will often bring their owners whatever they can find,
whether it’s a ball or not. If your yorkieinsists on playing fetch with random objects, it’s a
sign that he’s in charge of the playtime activities.

Sharing the Bed

While it may seem cute and cozy to share a bed with your yorkie, it’s important to
remember that dogs should not be allowed on the bed or furniture. If your yorkie sleeps in
your bed, it’s a sign that he’s taken over the bed as his own.

More Clothes Than You

Yorkies are known for their love of clothing and accessories. If your dachshund has more
outfits than you do, it’s a sign that he’s the one dictating the fashion choices in your household.
Your Dog Won’t Let You Use the Laptop
Yorkies are known for being protective of their owners and their belongings. If your
yorkie won’t let you use the laptop or other personal items, it’s a sign that he’s asserting
his dominance over you.

Your Dog Doesn’t Want You Go for Weekend Trip

Yorkies are known to be very attached to their owners and may have separation anxiety
when left alone. If your dog gets upset when you plan a weekend trip, it’s a sign that he’s
become very dependent on you and doesn’t want you to leave.

Your Dog Follows You to The Toilet

Yorkies are known to be very curious and will often follow their owners wherever they go.
If your yorkie follows you to the toilet, it’s a sign that he’s trying to be the boss!

Your Dog Gets Everything Personalized

Yorkies love to have their own things, like bowls, beds, and even clothing. If your
yorkie has everything personalized with his name on it, it’s a sign that he’s trying to
establish himself as the boss of the household.
Your Dog Has More Christmas Gifts Than You Partner
Yorkies love to be pampered and often receive many gifts from their owners. If your dog
has more gifts than your partner, it’s a sign that he’s the one calling the shots when it comes to

Your Dog Eats First Before You Eat

Yorkies are known to be very energetic and loves meals and good treats and will often eat
before their owners. If your dog eats first before you eat, it’s a sign that he’s trying to be the
It’s important to remember that Yorkies are independent and assertive by nature, and
these behaviors are not necessarily a bad thing. However, it’s important to establish boundaries
and set rules to ensure that your yorkie knows his place in the household. With proper

training and guidance, you can enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with your yorkie and
all the family members.

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