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    15 Reasons Why Yorkshire Terrier Shouldn’t Be Trusted

    Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular indoor and decorative dog breeds in the world. York is charming in appearance, energetic, affectionate, and a great companion. #1 The disadvantages of this breed include a rather wayward, stubborn disposition. #2 Breed owners should not forget about the correct upbringing and socialization of their pet. #3 To educate, to […] More

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    9 Things Your Yorkie Wants to Tell You

    1-“I want to protect you.” You may think your dog belongs to you, but you belong to your dog, as well. That means he is going to claim you and protect you.When he’s sitting on your foot, it’s an ownership thing. If his [bottom] is on you, he’s marking your foot.It’s not just that he […] More

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    Top 10 Benefits of Having a Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier is a popular breed of dogs well-liked by its owners for a whole host of reasons; offering a great personality in a tiny package. Dogs have scientifically been proven to be a crucial prerequisite in a human’s life. Whether you have owned a Yorkie before or are planning to acquire one, there are […] More

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    17 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Yorkshire Terriers

    The Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable dog with a gorgeous silky coat that looks like a living toy and has unique qualities. A brave heartbeat in her diminutive and graceful body and her selfless devotion to her owners and willingness to defend her home evoke endless respect and affection. Cheerful, smart, friendly Yorkie, always ready […] More

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    8 Cute Ways Yorkies Show Affection

    Rated 33rd on Top 100 Smartest Canines, we can assume that the Yorkshire Terrier is fairly intentional about the way they show love and affection. If you already own one of these little dogs or if you are just considering becoming a Yorkie owner, this article will give you a closer look at what makes them so […] More

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    7 Amazing Signs That Show Your Yorkie Has You Trained

    Have you ever felt that’s you, and not your dog , the one who’s been well trained? If so, in this article will show you  amazing clues to know who is the trained one. We’ve put together this handy guide in order to help you determine who really carries the leash in the relationship with your yorkie. […] More

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