Does Your Dachshund Sleep In Bed With You? We Show You The Pros And Cons Of Sleeping With Them

How many people sleep with their dogs?

A survey that was done by AKC has shown that 45% of people sleep with their dogs. Moreover, a Harris Poll conducted in 2012 showed even a higher result. This is not new for humans, stone age men, used to sleep with their dogs in order to feel protected and warm their dogs when winter arrived. Some other studies have demonstrated that these four legged friends were not just hunting friends, they also were valued for their qualities of warming.

The benefits of sleeping with dogs.

It is known not only by most of us but also by science that living and share your life with a dog brings a lot of benefits to the owner whether you sleep with your dog or not. However, sleeping with your dog enhance that bond between human and dog. Moreover, for those who spend the whole day working and want to share time with their dogs sleeping with them is the best option you have. It has been proved that sleeping with a dog help you to be more relaxed and sleep better your 6 or 8 hours needed to rest.

Studies have shown that petting and have close contact with animals improve your health condition. For example, it improves survival rates after life threatening surgery.

If you are of those people who talks to dogs, talking to dogs decreases your blood pressure that is what has been observed in people talking to pets. Some others use pets as a relief from loneliness.

A dog kept in the garden or outdoors in the kennel probably will not help you to improve your blood pressure or reduce heart attack risks, however, a dog you could hug, sleep with, and spend time with, YES.

The risks of sleeping with dogs.

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Infection, Sleep deprivation and Behavioral issues in the dog are some of the main areas of concern that have been raised over sharing the bed with your dog. A highlighted in report published in 2011 showed that there are concerns about infections being passed from dogs to humans. Therewere shown examples of people infected with plagues after sleeping with dogs.

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