Does Your Dachshund Sleep In Bed With You? We Show You The Pros And Cons Of Sleeping With Them

The 90% of these infections could have been acquired in a close contact with these pets. Not necessary after sleeping with dogs. Scientists, that have been studying the phenomenon have said: “Zoonotic infections acquired by sleeping with a pet are uncommon.”

As a conclusion, most of the infections and plagues that humans get for living with pets are not because sleeping with them, most are because a lack of hygiene. To bath your dog, to cut his hair, take him to the vet, and teeth care are some of the important things you as a dog owner should do. So, you will not get infected if you take care of your dog hygiene.

You only have to worry if you have a compromised immune system, or if you are allergic to dogs hair,otherwise, do not worry.

Can dogs cause sleep deprivation?

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A large survey on human animal co-sleeping carried out by Scientist Bradley in Australia showed that the whole people who sleeps with their dogs last longer trying to sleep and were more likely to wake up tired than those whose dogs were not allowed in the bedroom.

In spite of this, those who allowed their dogs to sleep with them did not report feeling more tired, getting the same number of hours slept as the non co-sleepers. As a result, sleeping with a dog does not cause sleep deprivation. However, the last judgement is yours. It depends on the attitude of your dog and how well educated he or she is.

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