How Do Yorkies Show Affection? (15 Ways Yorkies Are Affectionate)

Do you love your dog?

Of course you do! And you show your pup how much you love it any chance you get.

There’s no mystery about how you feel.

But does your pup return those feelings? Are Yorkies affectionate?

And if so, how do Yorkies show affection to us?

There are actually a number of different ways Yorkshire terriers demonstrate their love.

Keep reading to learn all the methods Yorkies use to display affection. You’ll quickly realize just how much your little pup actually loves you!

There are plenty of ways Yorkies show affection, for example through body language like wagging their tails, licking your face, and eye contact.

But unlike other dogs, they only show affection to their owners, so don’t feel too offended if a Yorkie that isn’t yours isn’t showing you much love. They are simply very loyal to a single person.

But if you are the owner, you want your pup to shower most of its love and affection on you. Does it? Let’s see just how Yorkies show affection and find out!

Tail Wagging

yorkie wagging tail to display affection

You always know your Yorkie is showing you affection when it wags its tail. Even yorkies with docked tails wag them. This is the classic expression of happiness and affection, and it means your Yorkie is relaxed around you and feels calm. The relaxed tail muscles reflect this.

When a dog is calm, it wags its tail with ease. But if its muscles are rigid and it is wagging its tail, you’ll notice immediately. This usually indicates that your pup is irritated.


Yorkies love playing with their owners. It is a sure sign of affection. They may be tiny and cute, but they have no problem with squelching their paws in some mud and getting dirty.

Just like any other dog, they also love a game of fetch with their loving owners. And

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