How Long Do Yorkie Mixes Live? (+Tips To Extend Lifespan)

Yorkies live a long time.

The average lifespan of the Yorkshire terrier is longer than most other dog breeds.

But does that extend to mixed breeds as well. How long do Yorkie mixes live?

Obviously, it depends on the mix. Along with a number of other factors.

But we can give you a good idea what to expect.

Keep reading to learn how long Yorkie mixes live on average. We will also give you some pointers on what you can do to maximize your pup’s lifespan.

How Long Do Yorkie Mixes Live?

It is common for both Yorkies and Yorkie mixes to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years. Some can even live up to 19 years. But it depends very much on the mix.

Yorkies may be small, but they have a long average lifespan. If you mix them with another breed, the resulting offspring could take on the long Yorkie lifespan or the lifespan of the other parent, which may be shorter.

That said, Yorkies are generally mixed with other small dogs and smaller dogs live longer than larger ones, on average. Here is a quick table overview of the average lifespans of common mixes.

Mini Yorkshire Aussie13-15 years
Basset Yorkie12-15 years
Borkie12-15 years
Yorkiechon10-16 years
Collie Yorkie12-15 years
Boston Yorkie12-15 years
Yorkie Cav12-14 years
Chorkie10-17 years
Corkie12-15 years
Corgi Yorkie12-15 years
Dorkie12-15 years
Frorkie10-15 years
Jorkie12-16 years
Morkie10-16 years
Snorkie12-15 years
Yorkillon11-14 years
Pugshire13-16 years
Yorkie Pom12-16 years
Yorkie Poo10-15 years
Shorkie11-16 years

Factors That Affect A Yorkie Mix’s Lifespan

There are many factors that contribute to the long life span of your Yorkie or Yorkie mix. There are also some things you can do to help prolong its life. Primarily, this means keeping it healthy.

Size Of The Dog

Yorkie chon mix with long lifespan
Yorkie chon

As mentioned, the size of your pup has an impact on the length of its life. In general, smaller dogs live longer than larger ones.

Considering the Yorkie is tiny, it’s no wonder its life span is so long! Of course, the size of your dog is something over which you have no control.


Another factor is breeding and genetics. Like size, this isn’t something you over which you have any control (unless you are a breeder), but it is something you can bear in mind when choosing your Yorkie puppy from the breeder.

Make sure you ask your breeder questions about your dog’s background, like any genetic health conditions or abnormalities. If your has a genetic predisposition to a certain illness, it could become sick down the line, which could potentially shorten its life span.

Healthy Lifestyle

One factor that is completely under your control is the lifestyle of your Yorkie. Nutrition plays a huge role in your dog’s health. And keeping your pet healthy means it lives longer.

Feeding your Yorkie mix a balanced diet will help to protect it against obesity and prevent any resulting condition like diabetes.

You should also make sure your dog receives plenty of exercise. Regular walks will keep your Yorkie at an acceptable weight, improve strength, and keep its joints in excellent condition.

Good Care

yorkie poo has long lifespan
Yorkie poo

You should also make sure that when your Yorkie mix does become sick or hurt, you treat it accordingly. This could mean a visit to the vet or a special medication.

Caring for your Yorkie when it needs it will stop any conditions from worsening, which can lead to further complications down the line.

If you are worried about vet bills mounting up, we strongly recommend getting some pet insurance. You can pay a certain amount each month and if your dog needs veterinary care, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are also avenues for help if you can’t afford veterinary care.

Most Common Cause Of Death In Yorkie Mixes

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in Yorkshire terrier mixes. Heart disease can occur at any point in a Yorkie mix’s life, whether it is old or young.

You should make sure your Yorkie receives regular check-ups from the vet. That way you can catch any heart issues early on.

If you catch these issues early, your vet should be able to prolong your Yorkie’s life for quite a few years, with the right medication, and depending on the age of your Yorkie.

Maltese yorkie mix
Morkie with tail

Signs your vet will look out for are heart murmurs or any potential issues with your Yorkie’s heart valves. If it turns out your Yorkie does have heart disease, then heart surgery may be necessary. And annual check-ups are a must.

If detected early enough, your vet will prescribe medication to help keep your little friend in tip-top condition. To prevent heart disease on your end, you should make sure to take good care of your Yorkie’s dental health and feed it fatty acid supplements.

Yorkie Mix Lifespan: Final Thoughts

How long Yorkie mixes live depends on the mix. If you crossbreed your Yorkshire terrier with a breed that has an even longer lifespan, the resulting puppies could live longer than they would if they were just Yorkies.

But they could also live the standard lifespan of a Yorkie. Mixed breeds can take on a mix of characteristics from each parent, so they could have the lifespan of either the Yorkie, or the other parent.

Of course, the reverse is true if you breed a Yorkie with another breed that has a shorter average lifespan. The resulting puppies could inherit a longer lifespan from the Yorkie parent or a shorter one from the other parent. See our Yorkie Poo vs Yorkie comparison for a good example.

These are all things over which you have no control. But you do control the environment you provide for your pup. Make sure it lives a healthy life and is well taken care of, and you will help maximize your Yorkie mix’s lifespan.


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