My Yorkshire Terrier is Depressed, What Should I Do?

Some ideas to reawaken interest include:

  • Take your Yorkie to a new and easy hiking trail for a walk
  • Take him to the beach shore or around a lake to explore
  • Bring him with you to a pet store to look around

One of the reasons for your Yorkie’s depression may be that he is not getting enough exercise.

Like humans, exercise can alter a mood as pent-up energy is released.

According to Healthy Pets, Mercola, dogs need at least 20 minutes of daily exercise that is heart-thumping, at least three times per week.

Daily walks, in addition to exercise sessions, are better, as your Yorkie then gets outside to explore and discover new adventures.

Taking your dog for one or two briskly paced walks per day is a sure cure for winter’s cabin fever as well as depression.

Your dog can use all his canine senses to discover new scents, exciting sights, and interesting sounds; if he is stuck in the house, this is not possible.

Divide the tasks among family members or rearrange your schedule; exercise should be a priority.

Lack of mental stimulation can also result in depression; by keeping a list of his daily schedule, you may see that your Yorkie has quite a bit of downtime.

You can challenge him with games where he seeks out the scent of food on a toy.

Foraging for a treat can give him a sense of purpose and fun. Offer him encouragement when he finds the treat. Playing puzzle and maze games together also helps.

There are canine maze games where your Yorkie can push a button with his toes or nose.

It is meant to be played with the owner as a means of companionship as well as treat delivery.

Yorkies that are not neutered or spayed can have moodiness related to mating urges and hormonal issues, and this can result in depression as well.

Having your dog spayed or neutered can be a major method or relieving depression when mating urges and hormones are involved. Read our post about spaying and neutering your Yorkie to see if it’s a right fit for you.

Additionally, for dogs with depression, make sure that your Yorkie’s diet is high in nutrients at this time.

Balanced nutrition may include Omega 3s, organic vitamins (A, B, D, E), phosphorus, basil. Turmeric, selenium, calcium and more.

When dogs are depressed, it presents a challenge to the immune system, and keeping the dog nourished will help keep him healthy.

If you think that SAD may be part of the problem, increase the indoor light. Take your Yorkie out more often, even in colder weather.

The natural sunlight, as well as exposure to other dogs and people, can add cheer to his disposition.

If they do have to stay indoors, keep them engaged with interaction.

Give your Yorkie access to a window, where they can watch whatever is going on outdoors.

Natural remedies for Yorkshire Terrier depression

According to Healthy Pets, as far as natural remedies for depression for your Yorkie, some of the homeopathic and Bach Flower remedies can be administered.

Some remedies include:

  • Spirit Essences Grouch Remedy
  • Winter Blues for SAD
  • Bach Flower Mustard
  • Green Hope Farm Grief and Loss

Lavender and pepper are common plants that can help.

The effects of lavender are calming, while peppermint is a pick-me-up.

Rescue Remedy, a Bach flower essence, has been shown to be effective.

You should discuss these natural remedies with your vet to be sure that they are safe for your Yorkie.

When to go to the vet

If the moodiness seems to last longer than three days, and you have tried to treat his environment, it is time to take your Yorkie to the vet.

Included in the exam should be urinalysis, CBC (complete blood count) and full physical exam.

Final Recommendations

All of the suggestions mentioned above are natural and can help to rid your little friend of depression.

Give your Yorkie time, attention, love, and exercise and watch him bounce back to his happy, spunky self.


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