Tiny Yorkie loses leg after venomous snake bite

She said: “The tissue damage was beyond repair. The operation was successful and Junior is now a member of the three-legged-dogs club.

“They had to remove more of the leg than we expected but he would have been unbalanced otherwise.

“He had a comfortable evening but they are still concerned about him, as he hasn’t eaten for days. He has been put back on to the feeding tube and the glucose drip but he needs to eat to mend.”

The incident happened on Saturday, but it wasn’t immediately clear what had happened to Junior.

Speaking to the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Lucy, from Pitlochry, said: “We had a beautiful walk along the River Tummel. Junior gave absolutely no indication to his injury or that he had been attacked.”

Large puncture wound

She said the dog was then very uncomfortable in bed, grooming himself all night.

“The following morning I checked his paw and found that he had a small cut on the underside of his pad. I bathed it with salted water, treated it with an antiseptic cream and put on a little sock. I thought he had stood on something sharp.

“The next morning when I went to repeat this bathing process I found the leg was really swollen. I shaved the fur on his leg and found blistering. That was when I discovered the large puncture wound.”

She did not even realise at that point it had been a snake that had bitten him.

Junior's injured paw
Image caption,The tissue was severely damaged on Junior’s paw and vets had to remove the leg

“When the vet told me I was completely shocked,” she said. “He was referred to the Edinburgh Veterinary School who administered him with an anti-venom which isn’t stocked in general practice. They only have a short window in which to treat a snake bite.

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