What Do Yorkies Like To Do For Fun? (11 Great Ideas)

Just about anything, right?

Yorkies are such fun-loving, high-energy dogs that it seems like they are having a blast no matter what they’re doing.

But some activities are just more fun that others.

So what do Yorkies like to do for fun, if anything healthy and stimulating is on the table?

We have a list of 11 activities they absolutely love. More important these are all activities that also provide exercise, mental stimulation and the chance to work on their social skills.

Keep reading for some great fun things to try with your Yorkie. In addition to everything above, these are also all great bonding experiences for you and your pup.

What Do Yorkies Like To Do For Fun?

Yorkies love to play around, be it indoors or outdoors. They will play with anything, from actual toys, to sprinklers. They also love taking walks, enjoying nature and mingling with other people and dogs.

Let’s take a closer look at 11 of a Yorkie’s favorite fun activities. This should give you some ideas for wonderful things to do with your own yorkie.

11 Things Yorkshire Terriers Do For Fun

yorkie having fun with ball

Yorkie terriers are the most adorable pet you can have, no doubt about it. And that makes us want to spend as much time as possible with our cute little pups.

OF course, you can do just about anything with your yorkie and both you and your dog will have a great time. But it’s even better if you know you’re giving your pup the chance to enjoy one of its favorite activities.

Try any of the following 11 things to do with your yorkie and you can be sure your dog will have a blast!

1) Watch Television

Television has been a part of our life for more than half a century now. But we’re not alone in enjoying it. Believe it or not, yorkies love to watch TV, too.

In fact, many owners leave the television on for their doggies to enjoy while they away and their yorkies are home alone.

Of course, Yorkies can’t see the screen as well as we do and they don’t get what’s going on anyway, but they love the light, the colors, and the sounds of the TV.

They might not know what is happening, but they appreciate the change of scenery from one color to another. This serves as mental stimulation and is probably why they enjoy looking at it.

Even experts agreed that Yorkies love watching television. because it fights boredom and helps them relax. So go ahead and watch your favorite show together with your pup!

2) Play In The Park

yorkie playing in park with dog

Yorkies love to play in the park, especially dog parks. It’s their playground and they are allowed to be free without their leash. What could be better?

Any park is good (the more nature, the better), but dog parks obviously top them all. And they are becoming more common in most cities. They’re good for us as owners, too. They are secure, usually with a fence and posted regulations to protect the dogs.

Yorkies just love being free and running around to meet new dogs, and humans as well. Make sure to keep an eye on your yorkie, though. This breed is super playful and will play with even the biggest of dogs (plus they don’t seem to know how small they are), which could lead to an unintentional injury due to the size difference.

3) Play Flyball

Flyball is a relay race where dogs first run over  series of hurdles and then retrieve a ball fired from a launcher. It’s a ton of fun for dogs and great exercise, too.

Yorkies like to play around and jump a lot, so this game is right up their alley. Can Yorkies jump high? Yes, they can jump high for their size.

They are also quite hyper, so it is a good way for them to burn up some of that excess energy. But they do have tiny bodies, which put them at a disadvantage with the hurdles.

4) Play Frisbee

Like all dogs, Yorkies love to play frisbee. But their size makes it difficult with a regular-sized disc, so it is a good idea to get a smaller version specifically for your pup.

That said, if you try to play a game of frisbee wit a regular-sized disc with your friends and your Yorkie is around, it will not be excluded. It will take part, whether you want it to or not!

In addition to being lots of fun for both you and your dog, frisbee is also great exercise for your yorkie. Plus, it is a great bonding experience for you and your dog as well.

5) Find Hidden Treats

Yorkies love games that make their noses work. It’s actually imprinted in their genes. Yorkies were originally bred to hunt out rats in mines during the 19th century and this type of game taps into that instinct.

It is a super fun activity for them because they get to use their natural instinct and they get a treat at the end. What could be better!

Yorkies just love the anticipation when getting closer and closer to the treat and they love pleasing us when they find it. They will often even bring it to us and show us, so that they can bask in our praise, before eating their heard-earned treat.

6) Go For A Daily Walk

what a yorkie likes to do for fun

A daily walk through the same neighborhood may not be overly exciting for you, but it is an activity that your Yorkie absolutely looks forward to every single day.

Yorkies love to go outside and explore, even if it is something they have explored hundreds of times before. It is always exciting all over again.

Going for a walk gives your pup some fresh air and exercise, and it also stimulates it mentally and helps relieve stress and anxiety. This is especially important if your Yorkie stays home alone all day. Plus. walking together is another great bonding experience for you and your dog.

7) Complete An Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are always a fun time for your Yorkie. These little pups with the boundless energy love to run and jump. Yorkies are fast for their size and also among the most intelligent dog breeds, so figuring out an obstacle course is right up their alley.

And you should always reward your Yorkie with tons of praise and a tasty treat for completing the obstacle course so that it has yet another reason to love this activity.

It’s another fun thing to do that gets your dog some great exercise and gives you the change to build a stronger bond with it.

8) Play Hide-And-Seek

Remember playing hide and seek when you were a child? It was arguably the best game ever, before video games appeared. Well, dogs love it just as much as we used to.

Ideally, you want your dog to wait while you hide, then start searching for you when you give the command. This means you’ll have to teach your dog a new command, which is always a good activity in and of itself.

And once your pup has that down, you’ve got a new game that can give your dog hours of fun. We already know how much they love searching for things. Why not make that thing you? Even better, have a treat waiting for your dog as a reward when it finds you.

9) Play With Their Food

yorkie having fun with chew bone

We are taught from a young age not to play with our food, but that’s exactly what we want to let our Yorkie do here. They love playing with their food and they love chewing, making a chew toy the ultimate fun treat. We have an article detailing the best chew bones for yorkies.

Another great way to have fun with food is to get your pup a treat dispenser. It can be basic, where they just tap a lever to get a treat or more elaborate, where they have to solve a puzzle to get at the goodies. This is fun and develops their critical thinking skills. Check out our recommended puzzle toys.

10) Play With Sprinklers

Having a backyard is obviously a huge advantage when you have a dog, because you can just let them roam around the area and play whenever they want, even without your supervision. If you don’t have a fence, read up on how to train your dog to stay in the yard.

It also makes it possible to play a lot of the games listed above without ever having to leave your property. And if you have a lawn, it opens up the possibility of playing with sprinklers.

Few things are more enjoyable to a Yorkie on a hot day. They love jumping around and trying to bite the water as it comes out of the sprinklers. Plus, they can take a refreshing drink, if they ever manage to catch the spraying water!

11) Doggie Play Date

fun on a yorkie play date

A doggie play date is a great activity, assuming it’s with a dog your Yorkie likes. Of course, most Yorkies are so easy-going and friendly that they get along with just about any dog.

This activity makes for great exercise, since the dogs will run around and play a lot. It is also good for mental stimulation and for socialization. Your Yorkie will definitely appreciate the opportunity to hang out with another dog and catch up on the neighborhood gosip!

Why Fun Is Important For Yorkies

Playing and having fun is a great way to reduce stress. What do dogs have to be stressed about, you ask? Quite a bit, actually, especially if they stay home alone while you go off to work. Being alone causes incredible anxiety and stress and having fun helps eliminate that.

Having fun is also great for your Yorkie’s physical health. All of these games involve a lot of movement that keep your dog’s heart healthy and it’s joints and muscles loose and limber. Playing and having fun also improves their overall balance and coordination.

But games aren’t only physical. They also force your Yorkie to use its brain. This can help it be more focused, attentive, and smart.

Finally, playing games is beneficial for your pup’s social skills. At the very least, it will be interacting with you, but many of the games also put it into contact with other dogs and other people. They learn how to communicate appropriately and behave correctly in a social setting.

And finally, these fun activities can help you alleviate your stress and anxiety. Had a rough day at work? What better way to release tension than playing with your adorable little canine pal?

What Yorkies Like To Do For Fun: Conclusion

Yorkies are fun-loving pets. They have boundless energy that oozes out in everything they do and just brings a positive energy to every interaction. It seems like they have fun doing just about anything. And that is probably true!

But some games are definitely at the top of the fun scale and the 11 listed above are among them. These are all great activities for your Yorkie that your pet will simply enjoy.

But what your dog doesn’t know is that these activities are also stimulating them mentally, physically and socially. They are having a blast and they are improving their quality of life and they are having a great bonding experience with you!

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